First Tan Tax Payment Almost Due


The first quarterly installment of the new 10 percent tax on UV tanning services is due November 1, and salon owners are all over the map in terms of their preparedness to pay it. No doubt, there are still tanning salon owners out there who have no idea about the new tax and their obligation to pay it. On the other end of the spectrum, I know of some owners who have been making estimated payments for the last couple months.

For this first round, if you plan to use EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System), it’s advisable that you visit the IRS website and get signed up immediately, as there is a delay between sign-up and receiving your log-in information. Although there is an option online to pay on the same day the tax is due, you must then go to your bank and likely pay additional fees in the process. Also note that for the next filing period, you must use the EFTPS, so you may as well get situated with the process now if there's time.

Check out this ongoing TanToday discussion to learn from salon owners who've already encountered challenges while attempting to use the online EFTPS system. It includes helpful links and troubleshooting tips, regardless of how you're planning to file.


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