New Indoor Tanning Tax in the Works


As the Senate discusses heath-care reform options, generating additional healthcare revenue continues to occupy the agenda. Take, for instance, the contemplation of a “Bo-Tax,” a 5 percent tax for those who undergo cosmetic surgery. Considered elective (non life-threatening) procedures, the tax revenue from these surgeries would then go toward treatments deemed medically necessary for others.

Sound preposterous? It’s being debated as part of the current bill, and tanning may not be far behind. Apparently if you’re interested in enhancing your appearance and it’s not a medical necessity, you’re fair game for taxation consideration.

The tanning services tax was the topic of discussion over the weekend during a health-bill meeting. Although it’s been touted as only being in the early discussion stages, the fact that the cosmetic procedure tax is still looming does not bode well for tanning professionals. The bill would target those who frequent salons, as well as those who own systems for home use.

Source: Tanning Salons In Play As Potential Health Revenue Raiser


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