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Nit-Pickers Unite! How Bad Typeface Undermines Your Message

I don’t know when I became so aware of typefaces and how they impact the message a business’ sign or printed ad is trying to send me, but nothing grates me more than a business card with script I can’t read, or brochures with outdated fonts. So, hallelujah to this blog about how fonts in your e-mails and typeface on your Web site can send an unwanted message to your customers. I ...
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Top Tips for Being a Pleasant Person to Work With: Don’t Be Negative, Don’t Smell (Seriously!)

Everyone has at least one “terrible co-worker” story. The subjects of these stories tend to exhibit the same characteristics: selfish (leaving all the hard work for others), socially oblivious (talking loudly on personal calls within earshot, spouting their strong political beliefs), or overly negative (constant complaining about everything from new procedures to how tired they are).
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A Juicy Bit of Gender and Marketing News

Whenever marketers start talking about gender and marketing, it can be like opening a can of worms. The usual stereotypes apply: women care about a sales person’s appearance more than men do; men want the facts about products, women want anecdotes; and the big one, women can be fiercely loyal to brands and companies, while men are not so much.Well, a new study from the Journal of Marketing ...
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From Radio Ads to Podcasts: How Marketing Has Changed (For the Better and Cheaper) Since You Opened Your Tanning Salon

We often cover the topic of marketing in Looking Fit. As of late, we cover a lot of digital marketing including e-mail and social networking. Maybe this piques your interest, maybe it makes you say, “Not another person trying to sell me on the latest trends!”If you’re more the latter than the former, then check out this excellent article By Steve Strauss. He’s an ...
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Accelerate Your Income in 2010: EFTs from A to Z

You may have read the post in a recent Looking Fit e-newsletter regarding the Washington state woman who drove through the side of the salon when she accidentally pressed on the accelerator while trying to park. Every salon owner wants to accelerate their income in 2010, but there is a safer way. While most salon owners agree that EFT is one of the best ways to keep cash coming, many struggle ...
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Growing a Business Takes Time (and in Detroit ... Guts!)

There’s no doubt that one of the hardest-hit cities in the recession has been Detroit. It boasts an unemployment rate of almost 30 percent. One could argue that it would be the worst possible location for an entrepreneur to open a new business. But one man has, and his story, which I highly recommend, can be found here. It outlines P.J. Ryder’s dream of leaving the “shady” ...
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Tanning Salon Owners Should Set SMART Goals for 2010

S- SpecificM- Meaningful A- Action Oriented R-Realistic T-TimelyAs 2010 arrives, take time to share your goals with others around you – not only for support, but because speaking the words sets goals in motion. The effectiveness of those goals depends on the “smart” techniques above and good old-fashioned follow-through.Specific- Exactly that! Write down exactly what you want to ...
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