The Convenience of Text-Message Marketing

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When it comes to business, we’re all trying to find the best way to do everything. We want to achieve maximum results using the quickest and most-proven methods. With marketing specifically, it’s ideal to reach customers where, when and how they want to be contacted and will best respond. More than any other channel, text-message marketing is the way to accomplish this. This is the first in a series of articles discussing the current state of text-message marketing and how it can benefit your business.

The best part about text-message marketing is the extreme level of convenience it offers both the customer and the marketer. Text-message marketing makes use of simple text messages or short message services (SMS) to reach an audience and deliver a message. After an initial setup, little effort is required and big results are possible. In fact, text-message marketing is really all about getting the job done right using a method that is simple, easy and effective.

Give customers the convenience they want.

In the always-on world we live in, it’s important to make your marketing message as easy to receive as possible. With text messaging, your message goes to where the customer is already at: their mobile phone. No more relying on the customer to tune in to a specific radio or television station. No more hoping the customer will glance away from the road and look exactly where your billboard is posted. With text-message marketing, the message goes right to the mobile phone a customer already has with them. Additionally, the message is mobile. Therefore, it can be opened and saved for later reading. It can also be forwarded to another customer, making your message go viral.

Customers want marketing messages that are convenient. Text messaging provides a message that is easy to quickly read. There is nothing to set up and nothing to learn. It is direct and to the point so as not to interfere with a customer’s day. There is no demand of the customer to sit down to a computer or open a magazine to read your message. With a communication method that is seen as appropriate, the message is more likely to be read and acted upon. Convenience the customer and they will reward you by listening to and acting upon your message.

Add convenience to your marketing strategy.

In marketing, you also want a method that is convenient for you. Text messaging provides a way to reach the maximum amount of people at the best possible time. Almost every mobile phone today has the capacity for sending and receiving texts, which makes the potential audience for any text message huge. Essentially, text-message marketing allows you to make your target demographic nearly everyone! Additionally, your message is sent and received in real-time. This means when it matters most to your business, you can send out a text message requesting a call to action or other inquiry. You can also let customers know about deals and specials as they are happening, which improves the likelihood for engagement and high ROI.

When it comes to simplicity, text-message marketing has it covered. There is no hassle of putting together an elaborate marketing scheme that will only confuse customers. Instead, text-message marketing provides a simple way to send a message that will be directly received. No other communication method, including voicemail and e-mail, is as personal as a customer’s mobile phone. By sending a short, easy-to-understand message to your customers via text messaging, you connect with them directly, all in fewer than 160 characters. As an added benefit, you are able to reach all your customers at once. Text-message marketing involves a one-to-many strategy, which allows you to reach your audience using the least amount of energy possible. As a result, costs and time are nearly eliminated in a successful mobile marketing strategy.

Text-message marketing uniquely allows you the luxury of convenience. The opportunity to convenience your customers and your business is often a rarity when it comes to any other form of marketing. However, a truly professional, successful text-message marketing strategy requires the experience of a respected mobile-marketing company. In an upcoming article, I'll share some ideas of what you should expect when partnering with a mobile-marketing provider.

Kara Kamenec – an avid blogger and social-network specialist – is the copywriter for Text Ripple, based out of southeast Michigan. Since 2006, the mobile-marketing company has enabled business owners in a wide variety of industries to create long-term relationships with customers through easy-to-use text messages. For more information, visit or call 877.9.RIPPLE.

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