How to Create a Salon Employee Dress Code Policy


No matter how casual your business environment is, it’s imperative that salon owners establish a dress code policy to avoid distractions and problems in the workplace. Even if employees all wear the same company T-shirt, you still need to provide guidelines to round out the look. Here are some tips from to start creating your policy today – and remember to reinforce it universally, as unfair dress codes can be grounds for discrimination lawsuits.

1. Know that it's your right as a business owner to have a dress code policy, and that employment can be contingent on workers following it. These kinds of policies are not governed by federal or state organizations, so you have plenty of flexibility. But as a guideline, your code should include your company philosophy and how the attire is an extension of that philosophy; an example list of appropriate attire; when certain types of attire are required (even if an employee is only there to clean equipment, customers may still see him/her); and consequences for breaking the code.

2. Make sure your policy does not discriminate against: gender, religion or race.*

3. Consider what day-to-day activities are required of your employees and what attire would or would not be appropriate for carrying out those duties.

4. Follow the dress code yourself; reinforce it as needed. Do not be lax on your new policy, or only use it as an excuse to fire someone who is trouble for other reasons. Take your new policy seriously, and your employees will also.

*For more tips and links to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guides on Sex and Race Discrimination, click on the source article.

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