Text, E-Mail Coupons: Young, Educated Females Most Likely To Use


Newspapers are still the top place for shoppers to clip their coupons, but recently released research shows that text and e-mail coupons are gaining in popularity for busy bargain hunters.

The typical demographic for e-mail and text coupon users is:

  • Young
  • Female
  • Educated
  • Affluent

Because consumers usually must opt-in to receive text and e-mail coupons, they are a much more targeted audience and more likely to use them.

Traditional coupon use is still on the rise, with the methods on how households obtain their coupons breaking down as follows:

  • Sunday newspaper—51 percent
  • In-store coupons—35 percent
  • Mail—31 percent
  • Loyalty card programs—21 percent
  • In-store circulars—20 percent
  • Weekday newspapers—17 percent
  • Product packages—16 percent
  • Magazines—15 percent
  • Web sites—7 percent


MediaWeek: Scarborough: Text, E-mail Coupons Growing In Popularity

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