Perfecting The Sales Pitch

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Ultimately, training is intended to help salon staffers develop their sales pitches (the way they explain how different lotions work and the benefits for clients). During role-playing activities, make sure your employees are:

Pitching to every customer. Salon staff should offer lotion to every client that comes into the salon. Make sure they are using open-ended questions, such as “How is your lotion working for you?” or “What type of lotion are you using today?” because these types of questions begin a dialogue. Closed-ended questions, such as “Do you need lotion today?,” will more often than not be responded to with a quick “no” from the customer, effectively ending the conversation.

Asking questions. Sales associates must ask clients probing questions—this is how they will determine what results the client is looking for from a tanning session, which will help them narrow down the best lotion options to present.

Selling the touch/feel/smell. Employees should place lotions in the client’s hands while explaining the benefits of each. This give the client the opportunity to touch/feel/smell the lotions, which increases the likelihood that the client will make a purchase.

Avoiding the overwhelmed look. Staff must pay attention to the client’s reactions—a glazed-over look is a clear indication that the sale has been lost. To avoid this, employees should present no more than three to four lotion options to clients and, when explaining each lotion, they should not overload the client with information. Instead, they should use a few key words when touching on the benefits of the products—clients don’t want to be overwhelmed by a verbal rundown of all the ingredients. Keeping it simple allows clients to choose more easily.

Kristin Barfknecht is the owner of Body & Sol Tanning Boutique, a chain of four salons located in Virginia. She opened in February 2003 with six tanning units and within 30 days added three more tanning units and a Mystic Tan booth. Her salons feature ETS and Mystic Tan equipment exclusively, and she recently added the Rejuvasun with Omnilux and Shine White teeth-whitening system to her menu of services. She is master Smart Tan certified and is an active member of the ITA.

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